BYD Solutions LTD

Full brand identity refresh along with marketing material and other design work undertaken for Essex based sealant company BYD.

In May 2017, Essex based Lee and Mark Bywater approached me from BYD Solutions LTD to perform a brand identity refresh.  Their company focuses on clean air purification, anti-slip technology and sealant application on domestic and commercial properties, buildings and stadiums.

“We’re looking to revamp our existing branding and create something modern and recognisable.  Please feel free to unleash your creative thoughts on this Daniel!”

Pictured above, BYD’s old identity was outdated and was in much need of a refurb!  Lee and Mark were very keen to keep the basic structure of the existing design, incorporating the businesses core specialities.  Since the company was born in 2011, the pair stuck with the colours of deep blue and off-white and were happy to stick with this.

In line with the original identity, I decided to house the lettermark and supporting text within an oval shape, including the area to display the companies specialty areas.  Opposed to the split shape in the old design, I went with a complete, rounded oval to symbolise the companies well-rounded skills and abilities. 

As seen above, BYD has two logomarks to use.  As the text is relatively small displaying Lee and Mark’s focus areas, the second identity is for use on smaller applications, such as letterheads, small signs/building site surrounds and other smaller uses.  

This ensures the logo is visible in full when scaled up or down.

Pictured above is a selection of images taken at a trade show BYD Solutions attended back in 2018.  I assisted the guys at BYD in creating their stand graphics, roller banners and freestanding presentation table graphic.  

All the graphics designed for BYD Solutions were print ready and designed to scale.  Crisp, clear advertising for Lee and Mark at BYD for their weekend at the trade show.  

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