Logo design for internet phenomenon Castro1021, with over 2.7 million followers on online video streaming service, Twitch.

The 29 year old sensation Edwin Castro, known to the online gaming community as Castro1021, was born and raised in Chicago Illinois by his Mexican parents.  His native country of Mexico plays a huge part in his life and his online presence.  

I was approached in 2018 by Edwin’s PR team and asked to create a ‘knock-out’ design that was recognisable worldwide.  Castro is known for his handlebar moustache and so why not build his brand around an already recognisable trait of his? 

It was clear in my mind that I wanted to run with the moustache concept and so all designs I prepared and presented included the illustrated interpretation of Edwin Castro’s handlebar moustache.

Early concepts were praised but not quite fulfilling the expectation of Castro or his team.  The logo had to some how include the moustache idea and also clearly show the internet celebrities name.  

For instance, the middle design pictured above was out of the question almost immediately due to scaling issues. 

As seen above and on the finalised design, I kept the text and moustache separate, not combining the two layers.  This maximised the best viewing at all angles and sizes.  A boarder was added, shaped to the custom text and moustache to complete the design.

"You've designed a logo

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