Carter & Wall

Logo design for painters and decorators Chris Carter and Ross Wall.  Their recent partnership led to the two looking for an identity to match.

Experienced painters and decorators Chris and Ross reached out to me in January 2019, wanting a logo design to match their recent works partnership.  Carter and Wall wanted to explore a text based design implementing a ‘paint brush’ for obvious reasons…

We want a logo that

Chris and Ross were unsure on the exact direction they wanted to go in, so I created a mood-board of industry leading firms and quirky, creative designs based around their fields of painting and decorating. 

After some deliberation, Chris and Ross both agreed on 3 of their favourite designs above for us to use as inspiration.  Those three being Crown Paints, Superior Finish and Larson Bros Painting.

Seen below, the two initial concepts were falling short of that final touch.  Carter and Wall both heavily pushed for the incorporation of a paint brush or decorating related image…

Although both Chris and Ross liked both designs pictured above, nothing shouted ‘Painters and Decorators’ to them.  I agreed as without the accompanying text, the CW marks could relate to any industry.

Once I received this feedback, along with their desire to explore concepts in a Royal Blue colour also, we started working on some more concepts.

When I presented what was a variation of the chosen design to Chris and Ross, their response was what every designer dreams of…  I knew it needed some final tweaks and additions, but I was happy to present the concept below.

Everyone loves this one mate!  Can we possibly accent the rear of the letters to give some depth to the design?|

As you would’ve seen, the final design includes a thin outline around the lettermark, with thicker strokes to the ‘Wall’ section of text.  This rounds of the design and draws your eye to the centre of the brand identity.  It was a pleasure working with Chris and Ross developing their new identity.

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