DEMCO Demolition LTD

Brand identity creation for leading demolition contractors, DEMCO.

Demco Demolition ltd is an Essex-based Demolition Contractor that specialises a wide variety of demolition contracting services regardless of size. Ranging from single houses to full industrial demolition. 

DEMCO owners contacted me to create their brand identity in September 2018, expressing that they wanted a clear link to their field of expertise in their design.  

The demolition tool seen forming the ‘M’ in the DEMCO branding was added to create a subtle but obvious link to the companies industry.  The term DEMCO on its own could lead potential customers to question what it is exactly the company does.  Therefore, the inclusion of the tool and supporting tagline helps narrow down the interpretation.

Whilst out in Brentwood, Essex one morning, I stumbled across this site surround in Primrose Hill.  I had to double take what I was looking at, as it was surreal seeing my work in person, being used in its practical form.

DEMCO have since undertaken projects of all sizes and continue to dominate the demolition industry in Essex.

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