Myles Moring Fitness

Level 3 Personal Trainer and Fitness fanatic. 

A friend of mine, Myles, has recently qualified as a Level 3 personal trainer and is a budding fitness fanatic.  Myles has recently launched an Instagram account dedicated to fitness and home workouts during Coronavirus.  

I decided to create a simple, effective logo design for him, easily highlighting his industry and relating to his chosen social name, Myles Moring Fitness.

The initials of Myles’ name make up the predominant part of the logo, MM, with the fitness aspect being linked by the addition of a barbell with equal weights either side of the MM design.   

To better highlight the two M’s, I added in subtle shading which also tricks the eye to thinking that one of the letters is behind the other.  The area of shading is just set to a darker red tone compared to the main colour.  Without the addition of the shading, the two M’s get lost into one consistent shape and the eligibility of the letters is severely reduced.

"Mate this is perfect!"

You may have noticed, the logo can be used in two colour combinations, with black or white barbell/weights being used depending on the background colour.

Along with the brand identity completed for Myles, I recently completed our first fitness shoot.  Filming a ‘Back Workout’ pre second lockdown, we gathered a collection of photos and videos for his Instagram profile.  The video was edited together using Adobe Premiere Pro.

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