Thurrock Ju Jitsu

Martial Arts organisation lead by Hanshi Brian Herbert, 9th Dan.

Brian Herbert and Sarah Bull, runners of Thurrock Ju Jitsu Club approached me to create a club website to house class information, student achievement posts and to act as a hub for all things martial arts.  The two were keen to create a website that was easy to use, navigate and view.  The simplistic design conveys all necessary information to students and parents and can quickly be updated to display closures, change to class times and other important information.

Upon loading the Thurrock JJ website, a custom popup loads with the most important information for parents and students.  During 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic hindered sports organisations worldwide, and so information on whether the classes were operating or not was vital for all to see.  Quick call-to-action buttons are used throughout the site, such as on the custom popup.  Brain and Sarah at Thurrock Ju Jitsu put in place a booking system during 2020 for their classes.  Therefore, the first option for viewers of the site is to ‘Secure your spot!’.

“Daniel Minter has created a professional, interactive website for our Jujitsu club. Daniel was able to take our idea and re create a website which fulfils our requirements.  Daniel has been on-hand to answer all our questions and concerns.”

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